The Designer Palms Story

It began over 30 years ago, as a romance between a Kansas boy and Florida girl on a sunny beach in Florida.

A move to the Midwest and many anniversaries later, Wendell asked himself a question like most men, what do I do this year? After long thoughts and planning Wendell decided to build Helen a Palm tree sculpture, that would remind her of a home long ago.

He knew it would have to be built sturdy to hold up too the harsh weather, and last through rough times like any relationship must. A sculpture of steel was made. A real surprise to the one he loves, and a conversation piece for everyone’s enjoyment. “Build me one“, was a common statement heard by Wendell & Helen, so they did.

Wendell’s display of love for his wife has become a family business and has given Designer Palms the opportunity to grow a palm tree wherever you choose.

Designer Palms is based in the Midwest and is built to with stand all kinds of weather.  Each tree has a super structure that is wielded to a steel plate in which it can be bolted down.  Per request we can provide structural drawing with wind shear load for most projects. Please call 316-733-2284 for commercial pricing.

How it Works

  • Customize Customize
    Your Palm tree
  • We Deliver We Deliver
    Your Palm tree
  • You Love You Love
    Your Palm tree

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