Whose idea was this?

It started out as an anniversary present.

It began over 30 years ago, as a romance between a Kansas boy and Florida girl on a sunny beach in Florida.

A move to the Midwest and many anniversaries later, Wendell asked himself a question like most men, what do I do this year? After long thoughts and planning Wendell decided to build Helen a palm tree sculpture that would remind her of a home long ago.

He knew it would have to be built sturdy to hold up to the harsh weather, and last through rough times like any relationship must. A sculpture of steel was made. A real surprise to the one he loves, and a conversation piece for everyone’s enjoyment.

“Build me one,” was a common statement heard by Wendell & Helen, so they did.

Wendell’s display of love for his wife has become a family business and has given Designer Palms the opportunity to grow a palm tree wherever you choose.

How much are they?

  • Are you thinking inside or outside?
  • What size?
  • What type of material?
  • Small group or large group?
  • New construction or existing application?
  • With coconut lights or without?
  • How many are you thinking?
  • Patio palm or ground mounted?
  • Large fronds or small frond?
  • Pick up or delivered and setup?

What are they made of?

They are made of rust resistant metal for outside or inside use.  We also use stainless steel with copper bands. Which do you like?

Can you change the shape?

No.  We sculpt the shape with a steel superstructure to stand up to all kinds of weather.  Which shape do you like?

Who buys them?

People like yourself, that like the feeling that the palms give you. Some reasons why people buy them:

  • Anniversary/ Birthday gift
  • Conversation piece
  • Centerpiece/ theme to decorate around
  • Art that not everyone has

Need practical reasons

  • Great down lighting for patio, pool, decks, entryway, stairs, driveway,  water feature or any other area that could use more light
  • Give shade without a mess

Will they hold up to the weather?

Yes. We design them to hold up to the harshest weather that Kansas can produce, ice, snow, wind and heat.  We have it all in the Midwest.  The older they get the more beautiful they become, just like a real palm tree. Do you know what a real palm looks like?

How are they installed?

They can be bolted to a wood deck, concrete patio, or stand alone with our planter.  We have complete color coded instructions.  Also we do custom design for your special area.

Do the coconut lights come with them?

Some people like them with coconuts and some like them without. All of the palms can have them, depending on how much light you want. They operate on low voltage and can be wired into you outdoor lighting. Do you think you would like it with or without lights?

Can you paint them?

Yes, but most people let them age with time, the older they get, the more realistic they look. Do you think you would want them painted?

Do they rust?

We age the metal to get the right patina.  Once it’s installed the trunk and fronds will change over time.  The stems are made of carbon steel, and then forged for the shape.  They will form surface rust that will define the stems and make them look more realistic.

How long does it take to make one?

The first one took about six months.  Now it takes about thirty to fifty man hours, depending on size and materials used. Which shape do you like best?

How long does it take to get one?

You can send pictures of you area, then we can custom design one in about 6-8 weeks depending on the time of the season; or you can pick from our show display now. Which size do you like?

How do you ship them?

We have our own special trailers or we can crate them for a semi trailer. Which would you prefer?

How do you buy them?

You can pick from our show display, or we can custom build one for your special area. Which do you prefer?

What time frame are you looking at?

We have a program just for new construction.  The metal on our palms need to be aged at least 4 to 6 months to get the proper patina.  So on new construction we can secure the material for the proper patina with a small deposit. That way we can guarantee today’s price for a later delivery. Would that work for you?

How do I become a dealer?

Please fill out a dealer application and fax to our home office.

How long have you been in business?

  • Wendell built the first tree in the fall of 2001
  • First show spring of 2002

How it Works

  • Customize Customize
    Your Palm tree
  • We Deliver We Deliver
    Your Palm tree
  • You Love You Love
    Your Palm tree

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