We were wanting to do something unique and fun for our pool project.  Troy did a great job at showing us all of our options and assisting us in making the right selection.   The install process was flawless.

— Brad and Tiffany Saville

During the San Antonio Home Show in 2002, Doug & Margaret Daniell visited the display of palms. Although they were in the process of building a new home, they were absolutely “dazzled by the size and beauty of the palm trees.” After the “great presentation from Troy Turner, we made a purchase of three palms to be put outside our new home and a very special large stainless steel and copper palm for the entrance way inside our house.” As of November 2003, “our palms are installed both inside and out, and while our house is not yet completed, the response from our family and friends has been outstanding. They are a great and beautiful works of art!”

— Doug & Margaret Daniell

Wendell, Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoy our palm trees. Both Bev and I stop numerous times a day just to look out the windows at our glorious trees. They seem to always bring a smile to our faces.

We love the trees and once people realize they are there and what they are made of they too get excited. The strangest thing is only one of about 15 friends has noticed them on their own. We will take them to the great room windows that overlook the pool and palm trees and ask them if they notice anything new. Most seem to stare intently at this South Pacific scene and comment on new lawn chairs or new plants. When we say do they notice the palm trees they react widely. It seems that since we live in the woods and have so many trees that everyone is just used to our woodsy setting and can’t “see the forest for the trees.” Again, thank you for such a wonderful addition to our home.

— Ken & Bev Boody

“He builds each tree as if grew there. It looks like it belongs. At night, especially when the moon is out, we sit by the waterfall listening to it, watching the moon light silhouette the palm tree. It’s very relaxing.”

— Jerry & Paula Stiverson

Wichita attorney, Brad Pistotnik went to Las Vegas and saw actual palm trees in some of the casinos. He was in the process of building his new home and wanted to import a palm tree to place in the foyer. “It would have been very expensive to do that,” explained Brad. “The maintenance would have cost a lot.” He saw Wendell’s trees at the Home and Garden Show. He bought three trees. His are made from copper and stainless steel and stand 17 to 18 feet high. Calling them “more than art,” Brad explains, “the house centers around the palm trees.” After working with Wendell, Brad looks at his trees and says, “… forget real.”

— Brad Pistotnik

“It took us awhile to get the patio how we wanted it, but we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Thanks again for the great job on the trees! We get lots of compliments from the neighbors and we’re really enjoying them.”

— Sander & Brandee Hickerson

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